In-Law Suites


Private and Luxurious Living Spaces For Aging Family

If you have reached a point in life when you need to have a family member live with you, it may be challenging to come up with an arrangement that will be suitable for all involved. Having an extended family member living directly in your home could cause friction and stress, and you simply may not have the space available. Ideally, you will have a separate living space entirely, which is commonly called an in-law suite. To add an in-law suite to your Cleveland, OH area home, call Village Construction today for more information.

Connected or Close

There are two main options for an in-law suite – it can either be directly connected to your existing house (likely with a separate entrance), or it can be a detached building. First, you’ll need to take a look at your current house and property to determine what is going to be possible given the space you have available. Is there even room for another stand-alone structure? Where would you add on to the existing house if you went that direction? You can start thinking about these questions on your own, and you should also feel welcome to call Village Construction to discuss the project more specifically.

Following the Rules

Most likely, there are going to be rules in place where you live regarding what type of in-law suite is going to be allowed. You will have to obtain permits for the work you decide to have completed, so plenty of advance planning needs to be completed to make sure what you want to do is actually allowed under the law in your area. Not surprisingly, this is another task that can be made easier with help from Village Construction. We have decades of experience and know how to review the laws that apply to your property to make sure everything will be approved in the end.

A Big Project Requires a Great Team

This is certainly not the kind of project that you want to trust to an unproven or inexperienced construction team. Whether you choose to build an attachment to your home or a separate structure, you’ll need to be sure that the money you invest in the project will be well-spent in the end. Call Village Construction today for more information and to request a free estimate for the job you’ve got in mind.

In-Law Suite

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